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The Brief

Keychange challenged Full Fat to deliver mass awareness for its pioneering initiative encouraging festivals to achieve a 50:50 gender balance by 2022,  reinforcing the need for international change in the music industry.



Full Fat created an integrated PR campaign; strategically placing features, comment, content and interviews across global platforms which sparked debate and engaged the industry.

Full Fat ensured further success through an ongoing press office with international media relations, working closely with each associate festival to publicise the initiative’s development and key ambassadors.


“The festivals will implement the change.”

The Guardian

“While the festival landscape has shifted ever-so-slightly to include some choice non-male and non-white acts, the scales have hardly been balanced. A new scheme is working to change that.”


“The days of male-dominated music festivals could be drawing to a close.”

BBC News

“The pledge aims to shake up the male-dominated world of live music.”





Potential four billion international reach across entire campaign


pieces of coverage so far including BBC News & Victoria Derbyshire Show, The Guardian, The Times, Daily Telegraph, Le Monde, NY Times, CNN, ABC, PBS, Pitchfork and more


international festivals now signed up to the Keychange 50:50 gender balance pledge

“Full Fat have generated huge amounts of coverage for our Keychange initiative, which has led it to become our highest profile and farthest reaching programme in the history of the Foundation.  Keychange truly is being talked about globally.”

Liam McMahon, Senior Communications Manager at PRS Foundation


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