Boiler Room



The Brief

To launch and position 4:3 as the evolution of the media brand. Platform agnostic, hyper curated content lives where the videos are seen and heard online and IRL. 4:3 is a platform for curious minds and the culturally connected to explore films unseen and discover cultures that are underground.  Content is distributed through seasons and with purpose.

B2B: Position 4:3 as an evolution of the media brand and a platform for brands to curate and commission content to a culturally connected audience.  

B2C: Position 4:3 as the netflix for the underground. Placement to be positioned around:

- Arthur Russell exhibition
- Content (documentaries and archive)
- Queer Manchester - original Boiler Room film
- Curators Elijah Wood, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Peaches and Jenn Nkiru.



Develop separate strategies for trade & consumer launches.

Create a Beta version of the site to give to trade media as a first look, to build in depth features and news stories around.

Launch to trade with exclusive trade announcement and full trade launch.

Launch to consumer with high profile exclusive feature placement, interview placement with curators and event previews for the IRL proposition.





Total OTS for the 4:3 campaign was


Secured interview placement for creators including 6 Music interview with Peaches and Financial Times Magazine full page interview feature with documentary creator & composer Ryuichi Sakamoto

Placed exclusive features with consumer and national media including i-D (Arthur Russell exhibition), Gay Times (Fleshback documentary) and an in depth interview and feature on first documentary by Boiler Room, Fleshback with The Independent

Secured a Campaign trade exclusive

followed by trade coverage across ROTD, Music Ally, The Drum, CMU and more

Placed extensive preview coverage

across The Guardian, The Observer, Urban Junkies, Notion, Noisey, Pitchfork and more

“Global music streaming site Boiler Room has expanded beyond its roots to take a deep dive into other cultural movements with the launch of a new streaming service called 4:3.

The self-styled ‘Netflix of the underground’ will look to champion underground art movements across music, art, fashion, film and culture by curating and commissioning relevant content that brands can integrate with.”

the drum


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